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In a marketplace screaming for your audience's attention, understanding when to shout and when to whisper is critical to your brand's success. At JUNGLE, we have the tactical means to effectively maneuver through the minefields of consumer influences in order to positively impact their decision-making process. Our power team of professionals are accomplished guerrilla marketing veterans, driven by our 7 core values which guide every project.

Let JUNGLE's warrior spirit unleash your brand's potential!

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7 Hacks To Zoom Like A Pro

How To: Grow Your Business With Facebook Advertising

If your business is struggling with tackling your Facebook advertising strategy, you aren't alone these days...
7 Hacks To Zoom Like A Pro

7 Hacks To Zoom Like A Pro

Whether you're a Zoom pro or a novice, there are several handy tips, tricks, and hacks you can use to enhance your video chatting...
7 Tips for Developing a Brand for Your Medical Practice

7 Tips for Developing Your Medical Practice's Brand

The goal behind branding your medical practice is to get people to know, like, and trust your practice, so that when the need...
SEO vs SEM: The Prevailing Strategy

SEO vs SEM: The Prevailing Strategy

In the constant race to the top of the rankings, companies have strived to figure out if the SEM or the SEO approach is of a better value...
Local Businesses Grappling With Coronavirus Get Help From Google

Help From Google During Coronavirus

Local businesses are getting pummeled by the COVID-19 outbreak. According to Facebook's State of Small Business Report...

7 Questions For Rebranding Due to COVID19

As consumers are faced with the reality of quarantine, brands have been forced...

Our Services

Brand Management

Brand stories need to be clear, concise, consistent and compelling. How's your brand story being told?

Creative Services

Impact driven campaigns require solid research, relevant data analysis and top-end production with a focus on the guiding strategy.

Digital Advertising

The internet is often regarded as the Wild West of advertising. Understand how to leverage what the internet affords and rule the wild!

Event Marketing

Whether it's a supermarket product sampling, a national book release bus tour or a Facebook LIVE broadcast, we can elevate your brand experience.

Media Planning

The best media planners make every dollar count. We'll reach more of your audience—more often—while still getting you the best bang for your buck.

Reputation & Reviews

Let's face it, who really makes any major purchase decisions nowadays without taking it to the jury of the internet. Customers have a voice and they're talking about you.

Social Media

Crafting content in partnership with your target audience is what makes social media engagement meaningful. At Jungle, we grow your business by growing your relationships.

Video Production

Visual Storytelling is undeniably one of the most powerful ways to engage your audience. Our team of creative professionals is committed to producing video that activates your brand.

Web Development

Driving web traffic is good but without effective conversion, you have nothing. Our web team specializes in user-influenced, responsive designs that aim to convert.

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