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In a marketplace screaming for your audience's attention, understanding when to shout and when to whisper is critical to your brand's success. At JUNGLE, we have the tactical means to effectively maneuver through the minefields of consumer influences in order to positively impact their decision-making process. Our power team of professionals are accomplished guerrilla marketing veterans, driven by our 7 core values which guide every project.

Let JUNGLE's warrior spirit unleash your brand's potential!

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Bikes, Backrubs, and a Dog Named 'Eggs'

Is it possible that bikes, backrubs and a dog named Eggs can make your company and employees work more efficiently...

The Natural Revolution

When Burt's Bees toothpaste hit the market late last year, its simple and folksy graphics looked like any other natural toothpaste from a mom-and-pop shop...

Welcome Leslie Victori

As Jungle Communications new Operations Manager, Leslie Victori is already a vital beating heart in the company's anatomy. Throughout her career, Leslie has worked...

Do It For The 'Gram

Creating memorable events and experiences play a big role in how brands reach customers. This so-called experiential marketing not only drive sales, but also helps shape...

Jungle Lands In Austin To Talk Tech

With each year more and more people flock from all over the world to Austin, Texas for the largest film, music and tech conference in North America, South by Southwest...

Beer, Boeings and #BecauseofHer

March was declared as Women's History Month. From celebrating female artists to combating sexism, here are some of the ways brands celebrated women this month...

Our Services

Brand Management

Brand stories need to be clear, concise, consistent and compelling. How's your brand story being told?

Creative Services

Impact driven campaigns require solid research, relevant data analysis and top-end production with a focus on the guiding strategy.

Digital Advertising

The internet is often regarded as the Wild West of advertising. Understand how to leverage what the internet affords and rule the wild!

Event Marketing

Whether it's a supermarket product sampling, a national book release bus tour or a Facebook LIVE broadcast, we can elevate your brand experience.

Media Planning

The best media planners make every dollar count. We'll reach more of your audience—more often—while still getting you the best bang for your buck.

Reputation & Reviews

Let's face it, who really makes any major purchase decisions nowadays without taking it to the jury of the internet. Customers have a voice and they're talking about you.

Social Media

Crafting content in partnership with your target audience is what makes social media engagement meaningful. At Jungle, we grow your business by growing your relationships.

Video Production

Visual Storytelling is undeniably one of the most powerful ways to engage your audience. Our team of creative professionals is committed to producing video that activates your brand.

Web Development

Driving web traffic is good but without effective conversion, you have nothing. Our web team specializes in user-influenced, responsive designs that aim to convert.

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